Clients' Rights

  1. Respect and dignity of clients: You have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. You have the right to considerate respectful care at all times and under all circumstances, with the recognition of your personal dignity and worth.

  2. Services without discrimination: ACE offers its services to clients without regard for race, colour, sex, age, disability, medical condition, marital status, national or ethnic origin and religion.

  3. Informed of your rights and responsibilities as a client: Every reasonable effort will be made to inform you of your rights and responsibilities as a client as early as possible during the course of your services.

  4. Informed consent: You have the right to ask questions and participate in your healthcare by being provided appropriate information regarding your care. When not medically advisable to give you such information, the information shall be made available to a legally authorized individual. To the degree possible, you shall be given a clear, concise explanation of the assessment process, your condition and all proposed technical procedures, including the benefits, risks and reasonable alternatives (as applicable). You shall not be subjected to any assessment or procedure without your voluntary, competent, and understanding consent, or that of your legally authorized representative.

  5. Privacy and confidentiality: You have the right to every consideration of your privacy concerning your assessment/treatment. All communications and records relating to your assessment/treatment will be treated as confidential by ACE staff and any other party entitled to review of your records. Discussions, examinations and/or treatments concerning your care will be conducted discreetly and handled confidentially, giving reasonable visual and auditory privacy when possible.

  6. Know the identity of healthcare professionals: You have the right, upon request, to be given the name of all healthcare professionals, including contractors and employees having direct contact with you concerning your assessment/treatment. All personnel will be properly identified.

  7. Communication: You have the right to receive information in a clear, concise and understandable manner. If you do not speak English or if you have a hearing impairment, an interpreter (or signer) may be arranged prior to your assessment by your designated account representative to accommodate you during your assessment/treatment.

  8. Complaints, comments and compliments: You have the right to submit complaints, comments or compliments about any aspect of your care to ACE facilities. Any employee or healthcare provider can be contacted regarding the process for filing a comment, compliment or complaint.

Clients' Responsibilities

  1. Answer questions fully: You or your designated representative has the responsibility to provide an accurate and complete history in order for you to receive an effective assessment/treatment.

  2. Cooperate and communicate with healthcare professionals: You have the responsibility to participate in discussions and ask questions about your assessment/treatment. You have the responsibility to request further information concerning anything you do not understand.

  3. Respect and consideration: You have a responsibility to respect the rights, privacy and confidentiality of other clients. You have a responsibility to notify your provider as soon as possible if you must be late or cancel a scheduled appointment.